Real Estate Basic Masterclass

Real estate as an asset class requires an understanding of specific industry terminology, an analytical approach to modeling both indirect and direct property level cashflows and an assessment of capital investment structures including debt structuring and equity waterfall analysis.

As one of the leading global financial modeling training companies, we are delighted to introduce our Real Estate Masterclass, a specialist public course for real estate professionals.

On this two day course, delegates will be introduced to real estate terminology and real estate related cashflows, measures and return metrics. They will also apply modeling techniques to indirect property investments including REIT analysis and valuation.

Delegates will focus on direct real estate investment including land acquisition and development, the analysis of construction costs using average spread and normal distribution approaches, assess property characteristics, establish unlevered and levered cashflows and model amortized and interest only debt repayment structures and equity waterfall returns analysis based on limited partner and general partner joint venture arrangements.



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